Kirigin Cellars in the Media

San Jose Mercury NewsSan Jose Mercury News

“Kirigin Cellars is old school in many ways. The winery, one of Santa Clara Valley’s oldest, dates back to 1916. To reach the original tasting room, you’ll walk through a 1930s-era wine tank, seemingly held together by the gnarled, twisted ivy vines that cover every inch of the facade.” More >


“Kirigin has a lot of local events that they host and they’re located on Central California’s Wine Trail. The property is gorgeous. They have soccer fields surrounded by vineyards.” More >

Morgan Hill LifeMorgan Hill Life

“One of California’s oldest wineries, Kirigin Cellars will celebrate its centennial celebration in 2016. And its most recent owner, Dhruv Khanna, understands the importance of maintaining that heritage with his wines and with the 49-acre property that sits at the corner of Day and Watsonville roads.” More >

Morgan Hill LifeMorgan Hill Life

“Dhruv has shown his love for sports by building nine acres of cricket fields as well as the new Tuscan-style Club House building that continues to exude that old-world charm (yet includes complimentary Electric Vehicle charging stations).” More >

Wine Oh TVWine Oh TV

“The quiet majesty of this place has truly captured his soul. In addition to replanting vineyards, experimenting with all manner of drought and pest-resistant rootstock, he’s installed acres of gorgeous turf for cricket and soccer, and hosts many youth league sports, all without charge.” More >

Good Times WeeklyGood Times Weekly

“Kirigin Cellars’ sparkling wine is … naturally fermented, with a secondary fermentation before bottling, it’s not too sweet and has a touch of finesse present in higher-end sparklers.” More >

California Magyar AgarCalifornia Magyar Agar

“The lawn is always kept in pristine condition, with short cut grass and excellent soft footing; perfect for showing and field events.” More >

San Benito County TodaySan Benito County Today

“In addition to its great wines, the winery provides a family-friendly atmosphere with cricket matches, car shows, archery events and dog agility contests.” More >

Gilroy PatchGilroy Patch

“During the summer, the winery hosts a number of “speed games” for cricket clubs on 11 acres of playing fields, and has also become a popular place for dog events, including lure coursing and American Kennel Club hunting dog competitions…” More >

New York CricketNew York Cricket

“Khanna believes that carefully organized and managed (and operated at low cost) amateur matches like those held in the Kirigin Cellars Invitational do more to advance the cause of local cricket…” More >


“Kirigin Cellars came home with a load of nine awards including a Gold for the 2012 Zinfandel, Silver for the 2012 Syrah and 7 Bronze medals.” More >

Touring and Tasting MagazineTouring and Tasting Magazine

“Kirigin Cellars is one of California’s oldest wineries and charming reminders can be found in the original tasting room where the thick trunks of ancient vines have almost become a part of the structure itself.” More >

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